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Internet users see online in two dimensions: information and image, but behind this two things there are people that every day they take care of websites and blogs so the users can have the information in real time. We all run into technical problems, but when we need technical support we contact Razvan Girmacea. He always had a solution to our problems and he succeeded to offer us continuity to the work we do. Furthermore we wish him success and we recommend him to everybody that needs technical assistance that "us bloggers" need in fixing the inevitable problems we run into.
Vasile Marin
Razvan is one of the few nice people I know. He understood that helping others you help yourself, that is why he offers to help others, covering the technical part on its way to success as a blogger. Razvan Girmacea helped me too and for surely he can help you. If he is the man in the shadow, than for sure you have a good chance to succeed as a blogger. I wish you great success, Razvan can help you get it!
Ionut Calugaru
I don't know how many of you have the weird sensation when things should work fine, but (OF COURSE!!) they do not (PHP script, HTML or CSS code). I've been there and not only once. Razvan fixed the problem. Honestly, I think he is very intelligent, see's the big picture and a lot of times his thoughts about the problem are correct. It is not easy to go in someone else's code, but Razvan managed to help me every time, even if I wrote very bad code ... and he fixed them all.
Not knowing all details about the good functioning of the blog, because I just do writing most of the time, I face, not few times with issues that some can consider them easy and others without an answer (me being the best example in this way). Last time it was about the blog feed, modified and messed up by me with some copy/paste. It took Razvan 5 minutes to see and fix the feed problem, about 100 times faster than I could do it.
If I would have a web-dev agency, I would hire Razvan as a Lead Developer, Senior bug hunter and just about everything related to leading developers. He is an experimented developer who helped me when I really need it. He did his job fast and, never the less, excellent.
Marius Sescu
Razvan Girmacea is a true professional. I have over 4 years since I write on the blog and Razvan always helped me when I had Wordpress problems, blog theme issues, theme design changes or simply just bugs that I couldn't fix. He never let me down, a lot of time sacrificing his time to help me. I really appreciate this because this way I could focus on writing on the blog. I highly recommend him if you need help with your blog.

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